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The Future of Vision




Algorithms for the Visual System

Digital Vision Enhancement Inc. is the first company to patent devices with color algorithms to enhance the human visual system. ColorPhi™ visual algorithms enhance pixel color reception by varying colors over time. This process stimulates the visual system, creating a sense of movement known as the Phi and Color Phi Phenomenon.


There are over 350M people who are considered color blind. Many millions more have undiagnosed color deficiencies. ColorPhi™ has been shown to aid individuals with color blindness, helping them distinguish colors they cannot perceive.


When used with multispectral (non-visible light spectrum) cameras, ColorPhi™ enables Super Human Vision™. 

ColorPhi™ Explained

Superhuman Vision™

The Color Phi Phenomenon

The Color Phi Phenomenon is a visual illusion that activates the brain's ability to blend motion and color change. Observers perceive a color change in motion between two alternating dots. The phenomenon highlights the complex mechanisms of visual processing and illustrates how our perceptions are constructed. ColorPhi™ introduces new phenomena by varying colors over time. 

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnet spectrum visual

The visible light spectrum is a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.  The innovators of multi-spectral camera systems have achieved astonishing results in detecting non-visible light frequencies.

Multispectral image SWIR LWIR MWIR

Merging these multi-spectral camera images into a single field of view for improved observational and situational awareness was impossible until ColorPhi™ due to the various monochrome color shading techniques, such as black, red, orange, and green.

Enhancing Computer Vision 

Innovating with ColorPhi™ 

ColorPhi™ visual algorithms can enhance existing camera and sensing devices, post-processing of AI computer vision, and all display devices for XR, VR, and AR use cases.

Innovators can license ColorPhi™ to transform their visual experience to enable an observer to perceive more data faster, with greater accuracy and clarity.

ColorPhi works at Device, AI, and Display layer

ColorPhi™ The Future of Vision™

Superhuman Vision™

ColorPhi™ merges all the spectrums using an infinite number of algorithms, and it can alternate between dual, left, and right displays. 

ColorPhi Superhuman Vision Left and Right Channels

AI Segmentation Enhancements

Digital Twins &
Multi-spectral Visualizations

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